The Falco Art Gallery is proud to present resident artist Birte Rohlfing (hehe):
Birte's drawing Birte's 2nd drawing Birte's 3rd drawing Birte's 4th drawing Birte's 5th drawing Birte's 6th drawing Birte's 7th drawing
Louise' pic
Tanja's 3rd pic
Ivan's pic
Katja's print
Chris' 2nd work
Marlies' Creation
Louise's 2nd drawing
Shelly's pic
Tanja's pic
Tobias' song text
Chris' pic
Andre's Java log
Tanja's pic
Clarissa's work
Please click on any of the previews above to explore the Gallery. You can also view some background info on the different artists and their work:

Arnold Bauer | Birte Rohlfing | Shelly Williams | Clarissa Carim | Katja Stoeckigt | Tanja Neumann
Marlies Kechlo | Tobias Steinke | Christian Alpas | Louise Petzold | Ivan Crossignani | Andre Küpper

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