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Please Readme

Hey, thanx for actually visiting this readme page! I just want to tell you some basic things about how my site works and what you can do if you don't like what's going on here :-)

Many of my pics are from other Falco sites or have been sent to me by other fans.  I pay tribute to those sites by displaying a link to the original location underneath each pic - if that still exists (or the e-mail addie of the person who sent them).

I am aware that this does not actually cover the proper "copyright" issue and that all of these pics (articles, sounds...) do not belong to any of us, but to whoever took them or owns the copyright. I hope those people will understand that fans from around the world would like to share and exchange pics of their idol and that we do not mean any harm.

Still, if some of the pictures I'm using are yours and you object to my displaying them here or want me to do anything else for you, feel free to write:

Some of the articles I transcribed are my own, others have been sent by fans and others still come from the issues of "Infernal" magazine that I got from David Hookham's site.

Anyway, something else: since much of the stuff (cf. Infernal) was first photocopied, then scanned, I sometimes found it hard to decipher everything. Some bits were cut off etc, and I didn't always find out what was meant. Sorry.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my many friends from the Falcolist, for their help and contribution to this site, and for being such a great community of fans! This goes especially to Arno, Birte, Katja, Margit, Marlies, Monica, Stefan and Tina! Special thanks go to Torsten for sending so many pics and articles, and to Tobias for his technical and usability help!

That's all I have to say at the moment, except this: enjoy!

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