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Singles, Cover versions and so on

I'm still kind of working on this, so more will be added :)

Body Next To Body
Lyrics: FALCO, Music: Moroder/Whitlock; Published by Edition Falkenhorst

Für den Abend vielen Dank, denn von deiner Hand
wächst ein Bein mir in den Himmel, als ich es fand
Es war innerlich, sag wie, es war hoch wie nie, say
Na na na

Hey honey, can't you see it is destiny,
it is all for rock, bring your top to rock
and bring your hips to the top, to the oh-oh bee-bop, say
Na na na

Show me the way you move your body
light into day - say
Why should I wait for you to love me
Don't be too late the way to make it happen

Body next to body, turn the pain to pleasure
I wanna know if you are the one for me, yeah
Body next to body, searching for the treasure
the magic and the mystery, yeah, yeah, yeah

During later (??), you must leave the theatre
you have to go home, maybe you're alone
Do the Bang-Bang-Boogie, say up jump the Boogie, you say
Na na na

Hey, honey can't you see ..

I am the one you need forever
second to none
Life on the run, we stay together
whatever comes today we'll take all chances

Body next to body ...

Do the Bang-Bang-Boogie, say up jump the Boogie, do the ryhthm on the boogie, the beat
Do the hip, do the hop, do the o-o-beep-bop, do freestyle rock'n you never gonna stop ...
Body next to body ...
Fancy fancy lady, tell me that you're ready
tell me that you're ready to breakthrough yeah
Fancy fancy lady, tell me you are ready
break walls of silence, yeah

Push Push
Music & lyrics: Voyce, add'l lyrics: Falco. Published by X-cellent Music Edition / Georg Glueck Musik / Sony / ATV

If wishes were horses,
Beggars might ride...

Come, take a ride
Or slip and slide
To sit astride and glide and... Push! Push!
Please pull the strings
Bees use their stings
Birds spread their wings and some things... Push! Push!

A puss that purrs
By settin' spurs
Is this his or hers what stirs? Now: Push! Push!
Unlock the sluice
Bring up the juice
Just let it loose, produce 'n'... Push! Push!

Push! Push! Push! Just a little
Push! Push! Push! A little further
Push! Push! Push! Just a little bit
Push! Push! Push! A little bit mooooore!

Ooh what a blow!
Yeah what a show!
Hey, one more throw... let's go now! Push! Push!
Another shot
We hit the spot
Oh that was hot, a lot, now: Push! Push!

From stick or stone
To the prick and bone
I'm lyin prone, I'm n'n'not alone... Push! Push!
With a whip and chain
There's pleasure and pain
And no venture, no gain... again now: Push! Push!

Our fathers who art from heaven
When kings have come, thy will be done
Forgive this day - our daily bread... give head!

Where Are You Now (Jeanny 3)

Day after day, one despetate night after another, searching for you
Through the ice-cold wind, looking for something, anything that might lead me to you.
But not even a trace, well apart from the one red shoe... ein roter Schuh, aber wo, wo bist du, tell me, where are you now?

Where are you now (where are you now, babe)
Where are you now (aber wo, wo bist du)
can't you feel (feel), can't you see (see)

This face, dein Gesicht... no one could look upon your face and not want to hold you, touch you, caress you, possess you
In a few moments from now I will hold you, and everything will be alright, come on, please tell me I'm right!


Im Fall Jeanny, der vor Jahren grosses bundesweites Interesse erregte, gibt es nach Auskunft der Polizei neue Erkenntnisse. Laut Polizeibericht wurde der zweite Schuh des bisher vermissten Maedchens zwischenzeitlich gefunden. Die Polizei geht nun davon aus, dass Jeanny noch lebt. </p)

(aaaah) Jeanny... Jeanny...
Where are you now, babe.

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